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Your family dentist can tell you about the benefits of dental implants. Many people have found dental implants to be the solution to restoring permanent tooth loss. Understanding more about what dental implants are and what to expect during the procedure will ease any fears you have and help you feel more comfortable about having the procedure. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about dental implants.

●    What is a Dental Implant? A dental implant is the artificial root for a tooth that is placed into your jaw. For most people who have suffered tooth loss due to periodontal disease or because of an accident where a tooth was knocked out; dental implants are an excellent solution for permanent tooth loss. Dental implants may also be used to replace multiple teeth that have been lost instead of just a single tooth. In many cases, your family dentist may be able to offer dental implants as an option to patients in place of dentures.
●    Will Dental Implants Last? Another thing that may concern you is whether a dental implant will last. Generally, dental implants are considered a permanent solution for tooth loss. If cared for properly, they can last a lifetime. Through the dental implant procedure, the artificial tooth is connected to jaw bones as well as underlying gum tissues. It is placed very securely in the mouth, so you don’t have to worry about it coming out with flossing or when you brush your teeth.
●    Do Dental Implants Look Natural? Yes, the dental implant replacement tooth should look very natural in your mouth. In fact, unless you tell them, most people will never be able to tell the replacement tooth from your own natural teeth. When you have your regular cleanings at your family dentist office, he will clean your dental implants as well. The teeth will blend in naturally in your mouth and you may even forget you have dental implants!

Dental implants are safe and effective. If you think you might be a good candidate for the dental implant procedure, contact us at Morrin Dental for a consultation. We will be able to answer any questions you have and let you know what to expect during the procedure.

To comply with the AHPRA Legislation we are required to advise that “Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”

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