Tooth Grinding Newcastle

Tooth grinding is an unconscious movement that generally happens during sleep and can be the result of stress. While you might not experience any immediate problems, tooth grinding can cause discomfort and damage if left untreated.

Bruxism is also known as tooth grinding. Left untreated, tooth grinding could result in the following dental issues:

  • Pain and discomfort in the jaw joint or muscles.
  • Ear aches.
  • Cracked or worn teeth.
  • The inability to chew or open and close your mouth.

If you think you are grinding your teeth, Morrin Dental can help. We will start off by assessing whether you are grinding, before providing a customized treatment to reduce the symptoms and protect your teeth.

Our teeth grinding treatment might include the following:

  • Exercises to strengthen muscles and reduce stiffness.
  • Provision of a protective occlusal splint.
  • Provision of short term medication to reduce inflammation.
  • Slight occlusal adjustment to balance the bite.
  • Provision of muscle relaxants such as BOTOX.