Teeth Whitening Newcastle

Teeth Whitening is a simple and conservative way to brighten your smile. At Morrin Dental Newcastle we use the Philips Zoom Whitening system. It is a professional and trusted system that can be used in two different treatments to suit your circumstances.

Which type of treatment is best for you?

Before commencing Philips Zoom Whitening, we recommend having a consult with one of our Dentists or Oral Health Therapists to discuss matters such a existing tooth sensitivity and restorations that will not whiten.

Option 1- Philips Zoom take-home whitening kit

This method allows you to have full control over the whitening process. It involves wearing light weight custom made upper and lower trays for 1 hour each day over a period of two weeks.

This allows you to stop and start whitening if you feel sensitivity or are happy with the shade result.

Option 2- Philips ZOOM in office whitening

This method takes approximately 2 hr in the dental chair and will result in a whiter and brighter smile. As the process involves a higher concentration of whitening agent it needs to be performed under a clinicians supervision and requires a covering of the soft tissues. There are four 15 minute cycles where a fresh application of solution is applied after each round.

As this process is controlled with a UV light, you will see instant results at the end of the 1 hour session.

This option also includes a take- home kit to use in the future months if you notice some discolouration.