Root Canal Therapy Newcastle

Nerves in our teeth can be damaged due to decay, trauma, fractures, grinding or gum disease. In these unfortunate circumstance, root canal therapy might be the only way to save the tooth.

During root canal therapy, inflamed or infected nerve tissue is removed from the inside of the tooth and the tooth’s nerve canals are disinfected and sealed in order to prevent re-infection.

It may sound daunting at first, but using the most advanced equipment and treatments available, we can ensure a positive outcome.

  • Magnification and digital imaging for accurate diagnosis.
  • Small field of view CBCT scans which shows tooth anatomy prior to treatment which reduces intervention and increases patient outcomes.
  • The latest nickel / titanium rotary instruments for fast and effective treatment.
  • Advanced sealing techniques to prevent re-infection.

At Morrin Dental Newcastle, we always put our patients’ interests first. If we feel that your case needs specialist treatment, we work closely with leading endodontists both locally and in Sydney who can assist us in achieving the best outcome available.