Active Maintenance Program

Active maintenance is a joint effort between the Patient, Oral Health Therapist and Dentist to identify problems and offer preventative treatment plans to avoid ongoing issues

It is also a great way to educate the patient on how to maintain good oral health at home with simple recommendations tailored to each individual.

An active Maintenance appointment includes:

  • Identifying and addressing your concerns if any.
  • Reviewing your medical history.
  • Oral exam: including assessment of tooth structure, surface wear and/or decay and screening soft tissues for gum disease.
  • Routine X-rays (if required), examining for problems below surface level.
  • Screening for Oral Cancer.
  • Checking jaw joints and TMJ.
  • Cleaning teeth and gums thoroughly to remove staining and bacteria from under the gums, which cannot be reached with brushing alone.
  • Placement of fluoride to prevent decay.
  • Reviewing at home dental care regimes.
  • Suggestions on ways to improve home care for your teeth.
  • Providing a plan for long-term health, guided by you.

Here at Morrin Dental, when doing an Active Maintenance Program we take into account individuals unique circumstances, for example: age, medications, diet, pregnancy, radiotherapy and general health.

Morrin Dental is proud to incorporate Oral Health Therapists into our active maintenance program to provide the gold standard of care to each and every patient.

As with all of our services, we are guided by our patients. We believe our role is to provide suitable options unique to patient circumstances to maintain optimum oral health. We will support any decisions you make regarding your oral health care to ensure you are always comfortable with our services.