Crowns & Bridges Newcastle

We work with experienced technicians both in Newcastle and Sydney to guarantee an exceptional standard of workmanship in all your crown and bridge requirements.

What is a crown?

A crown is an artificial covering that fits over the prepared tooth, replacing the natural tooth structure. It is the best way to strengthen and, in many cases, save a tooth. They are often used to change the shape, colour or appearance of an existing tooth.

Crowns are required when:

  • A tooth is broken due to trauma (a fall or biting something hard).
  • A tooth is decayed so the remaining tooth structure is substantially weakened and likely to deteriorate or snap off.
  • A tooth is root filled which dries and weakens it. The crown seals the tooth making failure of root canal therapy less likely.
  • A tooth is worn down risking it breaking off completely.
  • A tooth is subject to a large filling and due to time and biting stresses has left the tooth weakened and at risk of fracture.

What is a bridge?

A Bridge is an artificial tooth anchored to adjacent teeth by crowns. It is used to replace teeth that have been lost or removed.

At Morrin Dental we provide a variety of different crowns and bridges categorised by the material they are made from, including the latest non-metal ceramic systems. By clinically assessing your requirements and discussing the pros and cons, you can make an informed decision as to which preference is right for you.

Morrin Dental also offers the latest digital and CAD CAM technology which can deliver Crowns in a single appointment. For more information about our CEREC crowns refer to the CEREC page.

Crowns & Bridges Newcastle