Crowns, Bridges, and Other Restorative Dentistry Can Save Your Smile

Your smile is a very unique feature on your body. Not only is it something that everyone sees, but it also plays a vital role in your health and livelihood. From your appearance to your ability to talk and eat, your teeth are very important. If your smile isn’t how you want it to be and pain or appearances affect the way you see yourself or your ability to function, it isn’t too late. You can save your smile with restorative care.  Morrin Dental can do a number of treatments to improve your smile and the functionality of your mouth. Here are some of the procedures we do that will give your smile a second chance.

Crowns: Crowns are moulded to fit a tooth that is cracked or chipped to protect your natural tooth. It is a way to restore the functionality and appearance of your tooth while using your existing tooth.

Bridges: A bridge is just like it sounds—a false tooth or teeth to bridge the gap of missing teeth between two remaining teeth. Your bridge will help you chew and speak just like normal.

Dentures: Dentures will restore your smile if you are missing most of your teeth. New technology in the dental field has made dentures more comfortable than ever. The process will take a few appointments of fittings and mouldings but your new teeth will bring a normalcy to your life that you have been missing.

Root Canal Therapy: Root canals are sometimes needed when people have an infection in their tooth. A root canal removes and cleans out the infection, seals off the internal part of the tooth, and then the dentists cover it with a crown.

At Morrin Dental, we want you to have complete confidence in your smile, not to mention the ability to eat whatever foods you want without worrying about tooth pain or dysfunction. If you need some restorative care for your smile, contact us today.

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