Considering Dentures in Newcastle? Here’s What You Need to Know

When you have lost some or all your teeth to dental disease or trauma, dentures can be an ideal replacement option. We offer several different types of dentures in Newcastle, including partial, full, immediate, and overdentures. Dentures offer several benefits in addition to replacing your missing teeth.

These include:

Gives you a more attractive smile
Keeps the muscles in your face from sagging
Makes your speech more understandable to others
Restores your chewing ability and bite strength
Prevents your remaining teeth from shifting towards the open spots and causing a problem with your alignment

Getting Dentures at Morrin Dental

When you get full or partial dentures, you need to come to our office for different appointments. Your dentist takes some impressions and X-rays of your remaining teeth as well as your gums. He provides these details to our dental laboratory so a technician can manufacture your custom dentures. We will schedule an appointment for a fitting once the laboratory has completed your new dentures.

The roof of your mouth provides natural suctioning power that allows the upper dentures to remain in place. The lower dentures rely on the muscles of your tongue, lips, and cheeks to stay put. With partial dentures, your dentist attaches your new denture to your existing teeth using a retainer.

Don’t feel discouraged if it takes you some time to get used to wearing dentures. It’s important to keep them in your mouth all day even when you feel frustrated and want to remove them. This allows for a faster period of adjustment.

Immediate dentures may be right for you if you’re concerned about going without teeth for a while. Over dentures fit over your teeth or dental implants.

Contact us  to discuss each option with you during a personal consultation where we will give you more detailed information and answer the questions you might have about this process.

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