Why You Should Leave Tooth Whitening To A Professional

Everyone wants a bright smile. At Morrin Dental, we provide a tooth whitening procedure using the Zoom teeth whitening system. Our in-office whitening procedure offers our patients the opportunity to dramatically whiten their smiles.

But why else should you choose Morrin Dental for this procedure when there are so many other tooth whitening products available over-the-counter? There are gels with handheld lighting devices, strips, toothpastes, rinses and chewing gums. But these are just a few reasons why consulting a professional first is a wiser option:

We protect your lips, skin, eyes, cheeks and gums before applying whitening products. We value the integrity of your soft tissue just as much as you do. Our methods prevent irritation or issues caused by the whitening gel. We also provide patients with safety glasses because of the light used to activate the whitening gel.

We ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure. We care about your overall health, not just your teeth. We check for light sensitivity and other possible medical or medicinal complications. Many people don’t know there are potential side effects that arise from using whitening products if you take medications or are in treatment for medical issues. Your safety is our priority!

We check your teeth for cavities, cracks or filling anomalies. One possible complication of at-home whitening is that it causes further damage to enamel or teeth that are not at their healthiest. Some cavities, cracks and filling anomalies are undetectable if they are new. Applying whitening solutions to teeth with these problems can further damage the tooth or the root of the tooth. We ensure our patients’ teeth are ready for this procedure.

We provide pre and post care to ensure the best results. We give our patients GC Tooth Mousse for use before and after the whitening to help with sensitivity. We recommend a sensitive toothpaste after the procedure and provide a list of foods to avoid for 48 hours to prevent staining. We also offer professional at-home kits for patients who want to boost their in-office results later.

So the next time you want the best possible whitening results for your smile, contact us! Our commitment to an exceptional level of patient care at Morrin Dental sets us apart as the leading dentists in the heart of Newcastle.

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