Denture Care: Knowing the Basics

Proper care for dentures is vital to maintaining that beautiful smile of yours. It is critical that you know how to take care of your dentures.  Just like natural teeth, deposits of plaque and calculus (tartar) can build up on dentures. To prevent this from happening, here are some basic cleaning steps:

1.  Remove and clean your dentures after meals when possible and every night before going to bed.

2.   Always prepare the sink area before removing your prosthesis. To do this, place a hand towel in the bottom of your sink, and then fill your sink with water about half way. This provides a cushion and will help prevent breakage should a denture accidentally slip from your hands and fall during the cleaning process.

3.  After preparing your work area, remove your denture or dentures and securely grasp them individually without squeezing too tightly.

4.  Use a denture brush or a soft toothbrush along with a denture cleansing paste or mild soap and gently brush the outside and then the inside part of the denture which rests against your gums. Remember that scrubbing too vigorously can damage the denture material.

5.  DO NOT use regular toothpaste as some of these products are too abrasive and could damage your denture. Rinse thoroughly with water after cleaning.

We also suggest that you use an antibacterial denture cleanser for soaking your dentures overnight.  This type of product will help kill bacteria that cause odour and aids in removing plaque and stains. Dentures may soak in the antibacterial solution over night for thorough cleaning. It is important to always follow the manufacturer’s specific guidelines when using these products.  While your dentures are soaking throughout the night, your gums have time to rest, which is critical to good oral health. In the morning, thoroughly rinse your dentures with clean water before placing them in your mouth.

If you notice that calculus (tartar) is not being removed from your dentures by the procedures previously mentioned, please contact us at Morrin Dental so that we can provide you with a professional denture cleaning.

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