When Do You Need an Emergency Dentist in Newcastle?

When you are experiencing severe dental pain or have sustained trauma to the face, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to wait for an appointment. As an emergency dentist in Newcastle, we set aside time each day to help patients with sudden dental problems. We encourage you to request an emergency appointment as soon as possible rather than take the risk of the problem worsening.

Common Dental Emergencies

We see patients experiencing a variety of dental emergencies. Please contact us right away if you’re experiencing any of these issues:

A tooth suddenly feels sore and you are not sure why.
You have been in an accident, gotten hit in the mouth with a foreign object, or experienced another type of facial trauma.
You have broken an implant, bridge, crown, or other type of restoration.
If you did knock out a portion of your tooth or the whole tooth, try to retrieve it if you can and bring it into us. We may be able to re-attach it provided you don’t wait too long to visit the clinic.

This is only a partial list of emergencies we deal with at Morrin Dental. Please feel free to request a same-day appointment if you feel uncomfortable waiting until we can get you in for a scheduled one. Just contact us to let us know you need to be seen as soon as possible.

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