5 Everyday Foods that can Damage Your Teeth

Your dentist always told you to stay away from that pesky sugar, but you may not have heard that there are other foods with the potential to cause dental problems, including cavities. In fact, some of the foods you eat every day could damage your teeth. Here are 5 foods that can damage your teeth:

1. Ice

Water may be the most important substance for your body, but that doesn’t mean you should be chewing ice all day to stay hydrated. Sure, ice doesn’t have anything in it that you need to be afraid of, but it can cause severe damage to your enamel if you are chewing the hard pieces regularly.

2. Lemon Juice

Whether you drink lemonade every day or add a bit of lemon to your water each day, the acid will slowly erode your tooth enamel. Over time, this can lead to quick decay or even exacerbate canker sores.

3. Coffee or Tea with Sugar

While coffee and tea may stain your enamel, the real damage is done when you add sugar to either drink. The cavities can do damage to your teeth, but caffeine can also dehydrate you, leading to dry mouth.

4. Starchy Snacks

Potato chips and starchy crackers are easily trapped in the teeth, and all too many dental patients fail to floss regularly. If you don’t remove the food particles from your teeth, you may notice a significant build up of plaque.

5. Soft Drinks (Even Diet)

Even if you are drinking soft drinks with low sugar content, it can still lead to cavities by creating an acidic environment inside your mouth. Additionally, the caffeine in soft drinks like Coke for example can dry out your mouth.

Do you have questions about the foods you have been eating? Your dentist can help you figure out if your diet could be causing dental issues. Contact us to learn more about oral health.

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