What is preventative dentistry?

Taking care of every part of your body is important. Being proactive about your health can keep your risk for problems low and this includes your mouth! Preventative dentistry helps you to take care of your teeth now so they stay healthy for the future!

Everyone can practice preventative dentistry including children. In fact, it is especially important for those who’s teeth are still growing in order to keep them healthy. Not only do we want to keep our teeth strong in order to keep them for our lifetime, but we want to prevent any secondary problems that result from not taking care of our mouths.

Improper oral hygiene and care can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. These can be brought on by not cleaning your mouth and not keeping the bacteria in your mouth under control. Not taking care of your gums can lead to periodontitis, a gum disease that can cause secondary issues.

You oral health is tied closely to your overall health. Endocarditis, an infection of the lining of your heart, can occur when bacteria from your mouth gets into your bloodstream and makes its way to your heart.

So what can we do about it? Making sure you make appointments for cleanings and check-ups with your dentist once every six months, more if you are at risk for oral diseases. We can look for any abnormal signs and catch problems before they happen or at least in their early stages. For children, we can make sure their teeth are developing and growing properly. Cleanings help to remove plaque and make sure you have no tooth decay. We can also take x-rays to see if there is anything wrong that is not immediately visible. If you have specific issues or questions, a doctor can help you make a specific dental plan that keeps your pearly whites healthy and pearly white.

At home dental hygiene includes brushing and flossing twice a day. Keeping a balanced diet is important to avoid any deterioration. Simply understanding and following these guidelines can help keep your teeth safe and healthy! This can keep you from feeling any pain and keep money in your pocket!

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