Six Different Ideas to Make Tooth Brushing Fun for Kids

We know its hard to get your kids to brush their teeth, but we all know that healthy teeth are very important for you child! Oral health is important and very closely linked to your overall health even if your child just has baby teeth. But how exactly do you get your kids to brush their teeth willingly? Here are 6 ideas to make tooth brushing fun for kids so that they might even ask to be brushing them when it’s bedtime!

Let Them Choose

Let your kids pick out their own toothbrush and maybe even the flavour toothpaste! If they like dinosaurs, let them pick out the toothbrush with dinosaurs or maybe even their favorite cartoon character. This engages them in the process and gets them excited.

Let Them Practice on You

Your kids will have fun learning how to brush their teeth by practicing on you, their parent! Show them how to brush on each side of the mouth and on different sides of the teeth. They will have fun trying to brush your teeth and will want to imitate that onto themselves!

Sing and Dance

Turning the actual event of brushing teeth a mini dance party where you listen to your child’s favourite song will make them look forward to brushing their teeth! They will have so much fun they won’t even realise you are sneaking in a necessary activity they normally don’t enjoy doing.

Reward Good Behaviours

Make it a game. If they brush their teeth everyday for a week or even two weeks without complaining when you ask them to, reward them! Say you will take them to the new Disney movie or they can get the new toy they have been eyeing at the toy store!

Story Time

If they don’t brush their teeth, the sugar monsters will come and fight battles in their mouth. The toothbrush is a knight coming to fight the sugar monsters and leave behind a clean, healthy mouth. This works better for younger kids, but they will certainly enjoy knowing that they are helping to fight off monsters every single day!

Combine Routines

Brush your teeth while they brush their teeth! As a kid, they already look up to you and try to emulate things they see you doing! Just as a kid likes to pretend shave, brush your teeth with them and they might just want to try it out on themselves!

Simply put, making brushing teeth seem less like a chore and more like a fun activity will get your kids doing it in no time! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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