Morrin Dental Pre-School and School Visits

Our Dental Hygienists Kellie and Jennifer, along with Dental Assistant Kathryn have been visiting schools and pre-schools in our local area.
During the 30-40 minute session children are entertained through puppets, happy and sad teeth, sugar bugs, gigantic toothbrushes, dress ups and story time.
It is a fun and engaging experience for the children, which explores the process of decay, what to expect when visiting the dental surgery and what happens in a dental chair.

Interactive games and songs demonstrate to the children how to brush their teeth effectively and also gives them a heads up on healthy eating which can prevent dental disease in a lot of cases.

The most popular time of all involves each child one by one brushing the teeth of the stars of the show (our two puppets) Spot and Chompers the dogs. Applying the tooth brushing technique they recently learnt and having a lot of fun in the process.

Most recently our team has had great success inspiring the students at Cooks Hill Preschool, St Andrews Preschool and Wickham Preschool to take care of their smiles.
We have more visits planned in the near future to local schools. If you would like to learn more about our program or would like to schedule a visit to your Preschool or School contact Morrin Dental on 49293077 or

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