Morrin Dental achieves Practice Accreditation

Accreditation is awarded to a practice by an independent accreditation agency under the guidance of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.
Accreditation requires a Practice to submit evidence demonstrating compliance with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. These standards rigorously check a Dental Practice’s policies and procedures in relation to:

• Clinical Systems and Procedures.
• Patient Communication.
• Infection Control Systems and Procedures.
• Dental material and medications.
• Patient records and Clinical Handover
• Work Health and Safety.

Currently, it is not mandatory for dental practices in New South Wales to become accredited. However, as a team Morrin Dental felt it was imperative to not only provide the best Dental Care, but also to be accountable in all processes concerning patient relations, health and safety and legislative governance and to strive for perfection and improvement wherever they see a need.

Morrin Dental is very proud of achieving Dental Practice Accreditation, which further validates their commitment to providing the Best Dental Experience to our valued Patients.

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