Your Teeth: 3 Things You May Not Know But Should!

Anyone not living under a rock knows that oral hygiene is very important. We all know (or most of us anyway) the paramount importance of brushing and flossing our teeth regularly. But there are a lot of misconceptions about teeth cleaning and dental health. You’ll find some helpful facts and tips below to help you care for your teeth.

Losing teeth is dangerous

Losing a tooth might not seem that serious but losing one tooth has consequences. Losing a tooth leaves a space in your mouth where the jaw bone is unstimulated. Over time the bone begins to shrink causing other issues like periodontal disease.

Flossing is for the spots in your mouth the toothbrush can’t reach

Brushing at least twice a day is mandatory for people who want to keep their teeth, but it’s not 100% effective. Flossing your teeth at least once a day also helps clean plaque from spaces between the teeth and beneath the gum line. Flossing is essential for good oral hygiene.

The enamel at the top of your teeth is the hardest surface in the entire body

Our teeth seem permanent and indestructible, but in reality they are quite fragile, and can’t be neglected if we want to be in good health. Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential to living a happy healthy life.

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