What if My Child has a Toothache?

Childrens dentistry includes regular checkups to reduce the reasons your child develops problems with their teeth and gums, but what do you do between visits if your child has a toothache?

Sometimes a toothache is caused by a cavity or a broken tooth, but frequently it is the result of a small piece of food that is wedged between the teeth.

Remove the Source of Irritation

The first step is flossing the teeth to remove stuck food particles, which are irritating to the gums. Following that, give your child warm water or a mild saltwater solution to swish around the area of the toothache.

Do you notice swelling? Apply a cold pack or compress to bring it down. Over-the-counter pain relief for children reduces the pain when it is unmanageable for your child. Follow the physician’s for administering pain medication to small children. Products containing benzocaine provide temporary relief.

Treatment May be Necessary

These are temporary solutions. When the pain persists more than 24 hours, it is important to take your child to the dentist to determine and treat the cause. Treatment may involve removing tooth decay, filling the tooth, extracting the tooth or performing a root canal.

When your child has symptoms that include fever and throbbing pain, make an appointment to see a doctor. If they experience difficulty with swallowing or breathing, take them to the nearest emergency room immediately.

When your child has a toothache, help them understand why a visit to the dentist with resolve the pain so they feel better.

For more information about managing your child’s dental health, contact us.

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