Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White Following Professional Teeth Whitening

Poor dental care and/or physical trauma can result in teeth that appear either yellow, brown, grey or almost see-through. This change in colour can sometimes be permanent, and is difficult to fix with just a toothbrush and toothpaste.

A professional teeth whitening procedure can go a long way to elevate the overall colour of your teeth. As time passes, the brightness of your smile may begin to fade following the procedure. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips that you can use to keep your teeth looking white.

Limit Dark Beverages

Over time your teeth yellows due to the beverages you consume and foods that you eat. Dark drinks like soft drinks, juice or alcohol can not only have a negative impact on the enamel of your teeth, but they can cause some discolouration. The extent of the discolouration depends on how frequently you consume these drinks. Indulging in your favourite drinks once in awhile followed by proper dental care will not cause the same issues as daily consumption will, so try and limit these.

Adopt Proper Dental Care Habits

Your teeth whitening process can last a lot longer if you adopt proper dental care habits. Allowing superficial stains to sit on the surface of your teeth can make the stains more difficult to remove in the future. While it is important to brush and floss regularly, you should also speak to your dentist about constructing a routine that works to preserve the look and lustre of your smile.

Whiten Your Teeth Every few Months

In order for your teeth to remain white, they may need to be professionally whitened periodically. Teeth are naturally exposed to a number of elements that will cause the tooth to change colour. Your dentist can recommend the best teeth whitening schedule for your needs.

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