Sports Dentistry Newcastle: Preventing Dental Injuries

When playing sports, it is imperative to protect the mouth. Left unprotected, the teeth, jaw, and gums can easily suffer serious dental injuries. One piece of equipment every sports player should have is a custom-fit mouth guard. It is the best way to prevent dental injuries. Mouth guards absorb energy and the shock of impact. They prevent teeth from impacting with one another, which can shatter, chip, and loosen them. Mouth guards also protect the gums from bruises and cuts.

Unlike stock mouth guards, purchased in stores, custom-fit mouth guards are made specifically for each individual. Dentists mold these using heat-pressure lamination or vacuum forming, this ensures the fit is as perfect as possible and the player’s mouth is as protected as it can be.

Dental injuries can range in severity and include bruising, gum lacerations, damage to previous dental work, loose and knocked-out teeth, and even jaw fractures. The most common culprits are contact sports such as football, hockey, soccer, and boxing. However, even non-contact sports carry a certain amount of risk. Preventing, as well as lowering the risk and severity of facial and dental injuries is a concern for all who play sports.

The importance of a custom-fit mouth guard, made specifically for each individual, cannot be overstated. With this simple piece of gear, players reduce their risk of expensive and painful injuries immensely. If you or your child is involved in sports activities, consider using a custom mouth guard as an effective measure of protection.

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