Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Nervous About Dental Implants in Newcastle

The idea of getting a titanium rod placed in your jaw may seem intimidating at first, but let’s back up a few steps. If you are reading this, chances are, you have reached the point where your broken or missing teeth are a problem. The team at Morrin Dental will be happy to share why you don’t need to be nervous about getting dental implants in Newcastle.

What actually happens during treatment?

A thorough dental exam allows our clinical staff to check bone structure and overall oral health. As long as you are a good fit for implants, you will receive an individualised treatment plan so you know exactly what to expect. We will walk you through the steps of the procedure in order to ease your fears.

The first step entails removal of any existing root structure so there is space for a biocompatible titanium rod to be placed in the jaw bone. After about 6-12 weeks, the rod should be fused nicely with the bone. This is what makes implants so strong.

With the rod in place, a connector post (abutment) is attached. If a single tooth is being replaced, a crown will be fixed to the abutment and you will have a tooth that looks and feels natural. Implant bridges are used to replace three or more teeth and if a full mouth tray is needed, dentures can also be anchored with implants. The same basic procedure is done for all three types of implants, though it should be noted that Morrin Dental offers advanced dental implant systems, including Nobel Biocare, Biomet 3i, Astra Tech and Straumann.

Will it hurt?

The fact that a local anesthetic is usually all that is necessary for the implant to be placed lets you know it’s not that bad. Most patients equate it with a tooth extraction. Yes, a bit of swelling and pain is normal, but easily taken care of with over the counter pain medicine and application of moist heat to the area.

Will I get my smile back?

Let the thought of a confident smile wash away any lingering fears. Each step in the process leads you one step closer to a brighter smile. Implants provide such lasting results, that with proper oral care, many last a lifetime. It simply takes good brushing and flossing habits to maintain implants, along with regular dental check-ups. Take the first step, contact us at Morrin Dental in the heart of Newcastle to learn how we can help you regain a glowing smile.

To comply with the AHPRA Legislation we are required to advise that “Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”

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