Protect Your Teeth: Top Benefits of Dentist Fitted Mouthguards

It is well known that exercise and athleticism are wonderful for our minds and bodies. But when we get involved in high-impact activities and sports, are we simultaneously putting our teeth at risk? It’s not always something that is at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts, yet if there is direct impact to the face, without adequate protection, there are increased risks of substantial damage to not only the teeth but surprisingly the brain too. A dentist fitted mouthguard over anything else is optimum protection. Below are the top benefits of dentist fitted mouthguards:

It’s Custom Made for Your Mouth

That means you can trust that it won’t come loose and fall out when participating in athletic activities. It won’t be too big or too small, just perfect. Also, it wont get lost amongst other teammates’ mouthguards or taken by accident. Dentist made mouthguards are a custom fit to your teeth and mouth only.

You’ll Still Be Able to Breathe

Many complaints from store-bought mouthguards is that they are so awkwardly shaped and bulky that it can be challenging to breathe and coherently speak (without drooling everywhere). Moreover, it can be dangerous when exercising without proper airflow. You won’t have to worry about that with a dentist made mouthguard, it’s always light and functional.

You Won’t Have to Replace Them

The only downside of dentist fitted mouthguards is concern over the price. However, cheaper store-bought mouthguards will end up making you pay more in the end by breaking apart and falling out, causing you to replace them more often. You’ll also ultimately pay more by fixing broken teeth, as they don’t always protect the mouth. Dentist made mouthguards are durable, guarantee protection, and are made to last with one purchase, just once.

It’ll Reduce the Chance of a Concussion

An important study confirmed that athletes that use store-bought mouthguards were more than twice as likely to suffer brain injuries than those that used dentist fitted mouthguards. Thickness of the mouthguard was determined to be a protective factor as dentist fitted mouthguards in this study were 3.50 millimetres and the store-bought mouthguards were only 1.65 millimetres. Consistent concussions have been associated with permanent brain injuries as well as premature death.

There is inherently great value in investing in a dentist fitted mouthguard. When we exercise and participate in sports, we’re protecting our body by keeping our health strong, so why not protect our bodies, teeth, and brains at the same time? Morrin Dental is not only a leader in sports dentistry, but also a preferred dental partner for the Newcastle Knights National Rugby League. We’re skilled at protecting against sports trauma to the mouth, as well as treating it. Contact us, to learn more about custom-fit mouthguards and maintaining maximum oral health.

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