Overcome Dental Phobias: 3 Ways We Can Help You Overcome Your Fear of Dentists

Did you know that being afraid of going to the dentist is very common? We understand and are here to help you relax in the dentist’s chair. Here are 3 ways we can help you overcome your fear of dentists:

1. Tell your dentist about your fears, and why you feel uncomfortable. Together, we can determine how to best manage and overcome that anxiety. We are happy to help you feel comfortable, and believe a trusting relationship is the best way to relax and feel in control in the examination chair.

2. If possible, make sure your first visit is a simple one, such as a teeth cleaning. This will help you build your relationship with your dentist before going in for a larger procedure, should that be necessary.

We will clearly explain what we are going to do beforehand, and we can inform you of every step as the procedure is being done. When you fully understand the work being done on your teeth, you will feel more confident about the procedure.

Be sure to let us know if you start to feel uncomfortable. We can establish a signal to “stop”. This will put you in control of the procedure and alerts us if you need to take a break during the appointment.

3. Remember to breathe deeply and try to relax. You can listen to music during the appointment also. Consider scheduling an appointment first thing in the morning, before the stresses of the day add up.

The best advice is to visit the dentist regularly to prevent any dental problems. We understand that a routine check up can make you nervous, but the more you see the dentist for routine cleanings, the more likely you are to avoid bigger problems and extensive procedures – and your teeth will be much happier.

Simply contact us if you would like to know more about how we can help you to feel more comfortable at the dentist. We are happy to help.

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