Mouthguards in all Sports. Why not?

Earlier this year we had a young man attend the surgery with a broken jaw and severe dental injuries as a result of a collision during a soccer game.

Due to our experience in Sports Dentistry, through our decade long relationship with the Newcastle Knights, we were able to provide treatment, which has resulted in a fantastic result.

But it got us thinking, whilst mouthguards are common place on rugby and hockey fields as well as in martial arts and boxing why is it that our sports people who play soccer, basketball or netball aren’t offered the same level of protection?

Although contact is not as frequent in these sports when it does occur it often results in dental injuries, which are both costly and debilitating for those involved.

Modern custom-made mouthguards are stable, fit well, allow undisturbed speech and breathing with a great level of protection. There is really no reason not to wear them in sports where dental injuries are a possibility.

For this reason we have started a pilot program with Cooks Hill United Football Club to offer custom made mouthguards at an affordable price to all players who would like to take up the offer.

As a responsible member of the local community we may look to extend this program to other local sporting clubs in the future.

If you would like to know more about our Sports Dentistry program contact us.

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