How can Newcastle Dentistry Help You: What You Need to Know About Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Are you suffering from inflammation, aches and pains in your jaw, bleeding gums or tenderness around the gum area at the back of your mouth? Odds are, you are suffering from impacted wisdom teeth – an ailment that can occur in even the healthiest of individuals. To avoid further damage to your teeth, gums and smile, here are some important things you should know about impacted wisdom teeth.

What causes an impacted wisdom tooth?

Just like when your baby teeth fell out and permanent teeth took their place, wisdom teeth push their way into your jaw and try their best to fit in with the others. The problem is, sometimes there just isn’t enough room to accommodate these extra teeth, a problem that can lead to pain and inflammation.

Can impacted wisdom teeth cause permanent damage?

A lot of people think that tooth pain or inflammation can’t do any long-term damage, but the fact is that impacted wisdom teeth need to be treated quickly to avoid more serious complications, including but not limited to root damage, bleeding gums, tender jaws and cysts.

How do I prevent my wisdom teeth from becoming impacted?

Though you can’t necessarily ‘prevent’ a tooth from becoming impacted, Morrin Dental can provide you with the information and care you need to treat, alleviate and diagnose impacted wisdom teeth. Make sure to stay up to date with dental exams, x-rays and cleanings, these checkups will be able to determine early on if a tooth is impacted, saving patients from a majority of the more severe symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth.

For more information about impacted wisdom teeth and other dental ailments, please visit our website. For additional questions, feel free to contact us, or check out our blog for the latest dental news.

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