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If you are new to Newcastle, or just have never found a good dentist that works for your whole family, check out Morrin Dental, a Newcastle family dental practice. Not only is Morrin Dental an excellent and modern practice to receive dental care, but we cater to the needs of your whole family.

We understand it can be a hassle to have different healthcare providers for different members of your family. We want to serve your whole family, not just the adults. Here are just a few ways we make sure Morrin Dental is a place where your children feel safe and confident.

• We recommend the first dental visit takes place between ages 3 and 4. This way the child is ready and can understand what is taking place.

• During the first visits, we focus on getting your children used to the dental care environment and our caring team.

• Visits are shorter for children.

• We make dental hygiene fun by using puppets and displays to teach them.

• Our dentists look for potential orthodontic concerns from early on in your child’s treatment.

• We work with Pediatric Dental Specialists if we feel the care you child needs is beyond our ability. It is more important for us to have a relationship with your children built on trust than to force treatment on them.

As you can see, it is essential to us to offer not only quality dental care for adults, but that we can be a place where you can turn to for dental care for your whole family.

Contact us today to schedule appointments for your family.

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