Easing Your Dental Fears: What You Need to Know About Root Canal Therapy

Suffering from a toothache?  Then you may need a root canal. What you need to know about Root Canal Therapy is that it is one of the least painful dental treatments that can save a tooth in trouble.

To better understand exactly how root canal therapy works, it helps to know some tooth anatomy. Each tooth consists of three parts: the outer enamel surface, a hollow center called the pulp chamber and the root that starts at the gum line and fastens the tooth in the jaw.  Some teeth have more than one root and a root may have more than one canal. The pulp extends all the way to the bottom of the canal(s).

Untreated cavities invite decay into the pulp chamber, leading to infection, severe pain and swelling of the gum area and face. If not treated, the infection can increase to a severe abscess, leading to a loss of the tooth and surrounding jawbone.

During root canal therapy, inflamed or infected nerve tissue is removed from the inside of the tooth and the tooth’s nerve canals are disinfected and sealed in order to prevent re-infection.

Root canal therapy takes longer than other dental treatments, such as getting a tooth filled, and may require more than one visit.  On the other hand, patients generally experience less pain from the treatment itself and get quick relief from the suffering caused by the infection. Once the decay and bacteria are removed and the area filled to prevent further infection, the tooth is saved to last many more years.

If you are having problems like the ones listed above, don’t suffer any longer! Contact us for diagnosis, treatment and relief!

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