Childrens Dentistry: Tips to Get Through the Early Years

As a parent, we only want what is best for our kids and provide them with the proper nutrition and comfort they need. In most cases, children begin getting teeth well before weaning from a bottle or breastfeeding. This can pose an obstacle when it comes to proper oral care on children who do not understand the ramifications of tooth decay.

Children’s gums and teeth need cleaning identical to adults, as well as regular checkups with your child’s dentist. Without proper oral hygiene children might find themselves suffering not only from pain and missing teeth, but an array of other issues. Good oral hygiene begins before baby teeth emerge, and should carry on throughout their youth. According to the Australian Dentists Association, children should have their initial appointment when their first tooth appears, or no later than their first birthday. With this in mind, we have some helpful tips for you to follow.

Once your child gets their first tooth begin brushing the tooth with a bit of age appropriatetoothpaste.
After each feeding massage the gums and teeth with a cloth or finger toothbrush.
Avoid filling bottles with sugary drinks such as juice or soft-drinks. Milk, formula, or water are best.
Don’t let your child go to bed with a bottle. After feedings, make sure proper care is at hand to prevent the sugar in the liquid from clinging to the teeth.
Begin flossing your child’s teeth once all of them have come in.
If you notice brown, black, or white spots on the teeth contact your dentist. Pain, swelling, and redness are not normal, and immediate resolution is best.
A delicious apple wedge after snacks will aid in cleaning the teeth from stuck on debris.

Baby teeth are temporary, but the results improper care may carry on into the child’s adult life.

Your child will be forever grateful in the years to come if they are void of these issues. Cavities are preventable, and we are here to help. Contact us today for your child’s pediatric dentistry needs.

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