Children’s Dentistry: 4 Tips to Make Your Child a Pro-Flosser!

Once your child’s teeth are all erupted and are close together, you should start teaching your child to floss everyday! This usually occurs around the age of four. Here are four tips to make them a pro-flosser and get in the habit of flossing every day:

Learn to Count

For kids that are still young and are learning to count or their ABC’s, combine flossing and learning. Have them count their teeth while they floss and they will look forward to impressing you with their counting skills! You can also have them count backwards or in 2’s.

Side by Side

Once your child can floss their own teeth, floss your teeth together. Just like sons imitate their dads shaving, they will want to do the same exact thing! They’ll look forward to flossing if you do it at the same time as them!

Reward Them

It can be hard to get anyone to floss – even adults! Using verbal praise or maybe giving your child a sticker after they floss successfully can help establish flossing as a routine. The reward could even be simply having a schedule for the child and checking it off the schedule! It can make it an activity they don’t mind or even might enjoy doing instead of something they dread!

Non-traditional Floss

Today, they make waterpik flossers that squirt a stream of water between each tooth. They also make little flossers that look like characters from dinosaurs to Spongebob Squarepants. Have your child make a game involving the character and flossing! Maybe the dinosaur is helping get rid of the sugar so the sugar monster doesn’t come and mess with their teeth!

Flossing can be fun and not a chore if you just let it! Making it a game or rewarding your child is an easy way to make it a fun activity they look forward to on a regular basis! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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