4 Questions about Teeth Whitening – and their answers!

Have a special occasion ahead – or just want a brighter, whiter smile? Either way, tooth whitening can help! Learning more about the process and what to expect from it can help you get results you’ll love.

We’ve compiled some of the questions our patients ask most often about tooth whitening, along with some answers, to give you insight into what works, what doesn’t and what options are available to you when it comes to whiter, younger looking teeth.

4 Things to Know about Teeth Whitening

Will a whitening toothpaste really work?

A whitening toothpaste may make your teeth look a little brighter right after you brush, but that is because they remove surface level stains with abrasive materials. You won’t get the same results as you would by using custom trays at home, or a quick office session.

2. What about that laser you use to whiten teeth? Can it burn me?

The UV or LED light used is just that – a light that won’t harm you at all. Beams of light are used to activate the products used to whiten your teeth in the office. By using a light sensitive product, we can get the same results in about an hour or two than it would take you several weeks to get using a custom tray.

3. Will my teeth look fake?

Blindingly white teeth will look fake, which is not ideal. A whitening product will instead simply brighten your teeth and give you a natural, healthy smile.

4. I have crowns or fillings – will the whitening process work on them?

The whitening solutions used for your teeth won’t work on your fillings or crowns, they only work on natural teeth. If you know you need dental work that includes crowns (and can safely wait) getting your teeth whitened before the repairs allows your dentist to match the correct shade.

Getting the facts about whitening your teeth can not only help you make the best choices for your health, it can also help soothe any anxiety you are feeling about the process.

Contact us to learn how easy it is to get a brilliant smile you’ll love to show off; we’re here to help you get the brighter, whiter teeth you’ve been hoping for.

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